Top 10 Affordable Running Shoes Under 1000 For Men in India

Running is a very good exercise, if we do it on a daily basis, and for that we need a good pair of running shoes.

Although there are many brands in India like adidas, Nike, Rebook, etc. but the price of shoes of these brands are very high.

So, if you are looking for the best running shoes under 1000 rupees for men (under 1000 shoes) in India in 2022, you must go through my list.

We have handpicked the top 10 best running shoes for men under 1000 having perfect cushioning, comfort, and rightly balanced weight.

All the best for your running journey!

Best Shoes Under 1000 in India

Bacca Bucci Men’s Running Shoes

Bacca Bucci, since its inception in the year 2012, its aim is to provide well designed shoes for the people who believe they are not just to cover and protect the feet, but are important in making the personality of the wearer.

Their assortments are designed to carry attributes such as lightweight, comfort, perfect fitting, skin friendly cuts and materials with mesmerizing patterns.

Key Details:

  • If you’re an individual who would like to have the best cushioning you should consider the Bacca Bucci men’s running shoes should be considered. They feature an elastomer Midsole that provides 30 percent more cushioning than other shoe.
  • It’s also great for people who are old because the manufacturer claims it relieves 60% of foot stress due to the cushioning.
  • They are light and nimble and nimble, making them the perfect running shoes for treadmills as well as tracks.
  • The lower portion in this pair of Bacca Bucci shoes is anti slip, giving the most grip possible for running , even in Rainy season.
  • If the points above do not suffice for you, you’ll be thrilled to know that they are waterproof. Therefore, you can wash them straight away. Aren’t they cool ! 

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Liberty Men’s Running Shoes for Men

Liberty is a brand known for its high quality and unique products. They have wide range of formal, casual, party wear footwear for men and women that are designed with high quality material and durable outsole.

Key details:-

  • If you’re in search of sneakers that are lightweight These Liberty Mens Running Shoes are most affordable at less than 1000 Rs.
  • They are constructed of mesh materials that removes the smell because of sweating too much.
  • The sole is extremely comfortable. Therefore, one can wear it for long time without difficulty.
  • The sole of the shoe has a great grip, that allows them to be slip-resistant.
  • They’re the best value for money shoes for less than 1000 Rs. in India.

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Campus Men’s Best Shoes Under 1000 Rs For Sports

Launched on 29 July 1987, Campus Shoes emerging as one of India’s largest domestic sports and casual footwear brands.

Key details:-

  • They are the standard lacing-up shoes to ensure a better fit that gives you confidence when running or playing sports.
  • While they may appear like they’re heavy, they’re actually not.
  • The design of this shoe is attractive and colorful.
  • They require adequate air circulation to help deodorize their smell. At times placing them on your balcony can do the trick.
  • The company recommends not to apply any polish because they can harm the top cloth.

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Sparx Men’s best running shoes under 1000 rupees

You will be surprised to know that Sparx brand itself is a subsidiary of Relaxo brand, which is the largest footwear company in India in terms of Volume. So, if you are confused till now about the brand value of Sparx- It is way bigger than you Imagine.

Key details:-

  • They are designed to be long-lasting and durable.
  • The upper part on the shoes is mesh. This allows air to circulate and, in turn, eliminates any possibility of unpleasant odour.
  • The shoe’s sole is grippy and is able to provide enough friction for an enjoyable and balanced run.
  • Because it’s not waterproof, one must try to remove the dirt and avoid soaking it in water.
  • The shoes’ weight is lighter than the average.

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Bourge Men’s stylish running shoes

Bourge is one of the leading manufacturer in the field of sports and casual footwear both for men’s & women’s. Bourge offers performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products in categories such as running, Training and Fitness.

Key details:-

  • They are among the lightest footwear you can find. It weighs about 200g.
  • Therefore, it’s most suitable for people who are older since they’ll never want to wear it.
  • The manufacturing quality is top-notch.
  • They’re slip-on shoes, so, it’s simple to wear them in day every day activities.
  • Additionally, the grip appears adequate, making it ideal for walking, running and cycling.

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Lancer Men’s Sports Running Shoes

Lancer footwear is a India based company that was founded back in year 1989. Being so long in this footwear industry and making it huge proves how much they dedicated to its business.

Key details:-

  • The company’s tagline is “dmdaar”, these pairs of shoes are made of durable quality.
  • They are also slip-on shoes, so they are suitable for all ages young or old.
  • The primary material is the vulcanized EVA that is abrasion-resistant material.
  • The outer and the inner the material Mesh kind. It provides ample airflow to your feet, which makes it suitable to wear it for long hours.
  • It’s backed by a memory cushion that prevents any knee jerk that could cause feet injuries.

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ASIAN Men’s Sports Running Shoes

ASIAN aims to help you dress in your own unique new styles without burning a hole in your pocket. It also comes in a myriad of styles so keep on shopping and flaunt your style.

Key details:-

  • These shoes are so lightweight and breathable every step feels light and breezy.
  • These are made for long-term wear, with an extra emphasis on providing cushion to the feet and removing heel strain, a plus point.
  • These shoes are non-slip and shockproof so you can run on roads too.
  • They have a soft sole which gives comfort while running.
  • These shoes have push resistance.

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CLYMB Men’s Running Shoes

CLYMB is a Delhi based manufacturer company which is started in 2012. They have a mission to make shoes in very affordable price.

Key details:-

  • CLYMB uses Polyvinyl Chloride sole in their shoes which are very soft and good for running.
  • I recommends to use these shoes on track only because they do not have anti-slippery feature
  • These shoes are dust resisted so you can use them for more duration.

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URJO Men’s Running Shoes

URJO is a young brand that launched in 2015, based in Delhi. They known for their new and unique designs that attract youth audience.

Key details:-

  • These shoes came up with ultimate resilience bounce back technology which helps in grip and stroke resist.
  • Shoes have a pillow like soft sole that is very helpful while running.
  • Their shoes have a upper ribbed which helps in a perfect fit.

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Bourge Men’s Running Shoes

Bourge is one of the best leading company based in Delhi. It have a big manufacture unit which helps them giving shoes in a cheaper price.

Key details:-

  • They have a  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole which gives them a upper hand in grip.
  • If you want to run a marathon without any pain in your feet, then these shoes are best for this work.
  • Bourge made them so much lightweight you can’t feel you put on shoes or not.

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I’m sure you’ll will find this list of top sport shoes for men under 1000 rupees in India useful. It’s not required that expensive shoes are suitable for sports or running.

The Indian brand names have over time developed their brand names and have lived up to the brand’s worth.

They’re not just cheap however, they also offer more value for money.

Remember that prior to purchasing the right shoe, one must always be aware of the things they require.

Be sure to follow instructions for how to maintain and clean the shoes as it can affect the longevity to a greater degree.

And if every criteria is satisfied by this pair of shoes, why don’t you take a trip to the desi area and support “Made in India” products and assist our Swadeshi-owned business grow.

Note: Sometimes, we use affiliate links within our articles. This will not cost you anything additional, but it allows us to cover the expenses of our honest and reliable writing team. Thank you ! !


Is bourge shoes good for running?

Bourge shoes are ideal for those looking for the top quality at a reasonable cost. They come in a variety of designs that feature durable and comfortable shoes and waterproof features.
The price of the shoes vary between Rs 999 and 1700. they are ideal for running light and for intense training on uneven terrains.

Which sole material is best?

Polyurethane soles are light, durable and flexible. They also have excellent ground insulation and shock-absorbing characteristics. They have the highest durability and performance.
Rubber is a material that is a great ground-traction material and is a non-marking, durable material that improves the shoe’s long-term durability and durability.

Can we use Sparx shoes for running?

Whether you are running on a smooth pavement, a treadmill or a muddy trail, Sparx have a range of running shoes that suit your all running needs.

Which sole is comfortable?

A good sole must be comfortable, durable and suitable for its purpose in addition to being cost-effective. Polyurethane outsoles help designers accomplish all of these goals. They are waterproof, practical and have superior long-term mechanical properties.

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